Nicely does it

With a nice car and a nice wife nice family what a nice life,

with nice prospects in you're job nice friendly people you meet in the pub,

with nice money to buy nice things, bumming to the boss what a fucking dead loss.

Dedicated to all you stiffs.

With nice seclusion in you're house living you're life like a little mouse,

don't do a bad thing or say a bad word always out of line never being scared.

Dedicated to all you stiffs.

Have a nice holiday in the sun and then go visit you're nice mum,

It's nicely does it every day nicely does it it's their way.

Dedicated to all you stiffs.

So when you're older and you look back put yourself on the stretching rack,

you didn't give a thought for the people you rule but don't forget I'm not a fucking tool.

Dedicated to all you stiffs.

Nicely does it.


© tabby 2004