The next thing on our minds (after a couple of Sept gigs) is our next album, the songs are written and we're looking at getting

into the recording studio sometime in October if things go well!? This album will be the one we've been wanting to do since the band

was formed, a full on assault on the senses and one that will be true to the spirit, ideals and mind set of why we got together in the first place!

We can't wait for it to be available....so watch this space!

We've also been to the Czech republic (near Prague) for the Anti Fest and it was a good laugh, a few UK bands for us to

have a beer with, One way system, Sick 56, Extreme noise terror to name but a few, it rained for the weekend but the crowds

didn't let it affect them and the bands were well supported.

Well it's been a little while since I've updated this page and quite a bit has happened since then, we did the anniversary gig

(old bastards I hear you say!) and it was an absolutely brilliant day, (and night) the Iron Door was packed out and we got to see

loads of people we hadn't seen for years, everyone said that they had a blast and it was well worth doing!

We'd all like to say a huge thanks to everyone who turned up and made the event one to remember!

We'll do another one in FIVE years for our 30th ha ha!

Tickets for the anniversary gig are going fast with well over half already gone so if you want any then get in touch

asap, they are free but only a limited amount are available for the night!

It's going to be a really special night with past band members including first ever drummer, guitarist and bass player

getting up and playing some songs again, it will also be recorded for a DVD of the nights proceedings!

We have got the 25th anniversary gig/party venue and date sorted it will be at the Iron Door in Birkenhead on the

20th May there'e also an after show party at the bunker so anyone interested in coming along let me know and we'll

arrange for the tickets to get to you!y

Sorry to hear that the Wasted festivals are to end this year, we've had an involvement with them since 1997 when it was

called HITS and over the years we've had some great nights and met a lot of great people, myself and the lads in the band

would like to say thanks to Daz & Jennie and good luck in the future, hopefully see you in Amsterdam and Blackpool?

We are planning a very special event in May of this year, Saturday 6th May will bethe 25th anniversary of our

first ever gig and to celebrate that fact we are having a party/gig in Birkenhead but because we are playing at the

Wasted festival in Amsterdam that weekend we are having to put our gig two weeks after! Venue and date to follow.

It will be a ticketed affair and tickets will be free and are to be given out to friends and fans of the band old and new!

If you're interested in coming along to the event then please get in touch and book your tickets now.

It will be recorded and filmed for a special DVD, it's going to be a blast so hopefully we'll see you there?

We now have copies available of our latest 7" single 'One Man Army' it's released on theAmerican label Pukenvomit

records from California, we only have a very limited amount so when they've gone they've gone, so get them while you still can!

(b-sides are new songs 'Got you Sussed' and 'One law') now have copies of our lates 7

Well our message board seems to have disappeared and it's a pain in the bloody arse!!

We'll try and get something sorted asap but I think all the previous messages are lost?!

Check out http://www.myspace.com/instantagony it's got plays of some of our songs on it!

Why not leave a message and become our friend!!!!??

Morecambe Wasted 05 was fantastic, one of the best gigs we've ever done, everyone was up for it and it was like the

old days we all had a blast. Big thanks to everyone who jumped around and made a lot of noise!! Lets hope the

California gigs will be as full on?!

Ok so we'll be at Morecambe for the next few days and on stage in the Carleton at 10.05pm on Thursday

do come up and say hello if you see any of us and make a bit of noise when we're onstage.

There will be some special 80's bands gigs around the country coming up, more info near the time,

but it may be called the Britain's still burning tour 2005 and will include ourselves, the Skeptix, One way system,

Demob, the Threats and Drongo's for Europe, a good line up and it promises to be a real blast, keep checking

the gigs page.

We are hoping to play more dates in Germany around July/August details of the tour will be here as soon

as we have them.

Well the trip to Berlin was brilliant we had a great time, lots of people lots of noise and lots of beer!

It was made even better because we spent quite a bit of time with the guys from One way system especially

UKnige and Tommy and from the Skeptix especially Fish and Ush, we had a real good laugh and it was an absolute

pleasure getting to know them, cheers lads!

The actual gig was memorable and one of our best, the festival itself was fantastic, punk rock at it's snarling best!

Just had it confirmed that we are to be playing at the L.A. Wasted festival late next year, more details nearer the time!

Plans are that we are hoping to make it a mini tour while we are over there with dates before and after the fest.

We've just got back from supporting the Briefs on their UK tour and it was absolutely brilliant

we had a great time and we were looked after really well by Paul and Carl (North records Poulton)

the Briefs are good blokes and put on some ace shows..........check them out when they

come back to these shores you won't regret it!

Our messageboard is now up and running so leave us a message !

We will be playing at the Punk and Disorderly festival in Berlin in January 2005, details nearer the time!

We will be touring around the UK with the American band the briefs in late Oct early Nov,

all the details are on the gigs page!